Informácie ku koronavírusu

Information for foreigners in Banská Bystrica

Prevention and responsible behavior are the most effective protection against the spread of the disease. On the basis of the measures of the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic and the Government of the Slovak Republic, the obligation to wear a face mask or its alternative covering the nose and mouth everywhere outside of a place of living applies in these days. Please, follow this regulation to protect your health and the health of your surroundings.


The city of Banská Bystrica appeals on the inhabitants to use public transport only in the necessary cases (transport to work, hospital, etc.). It operates according to holiday schedule. At the same time we inform the residents that only passengers, who are protected by a face mask or a scarf, or any other suitable alternative (we also recommend gloves) will be allowed to enter the public transport vehicle. We also encourage you to use contactless forms of travel costs reimbursement. Carriers will provide opening of the doors on buses and trolleybuses, so the passengers will not have to use the touch screen door system.


Based on the instructions of the Chief Public Health Officer of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, visits to our social services facilities are prohibited. Rehabilitation, hairdressing and pedicure services will not be available to the public until further notice. At the same time, day centers activities were suspended until further notice. For lonely seniors and people who are dependent on the help of others, provides the city  the delivery of protective masks, purchase of food or medicine. If you know someone as specified above, you can contact the city administration via e-mail or by phone on 048/43 30 777. The delivery of medicine provides Cardiopharm Banská Bystrica pharmacy in coordination with the city administration.

If you belong to this group of people, you need a medicine, but you are not able to pick it up, contact your general practitioner by phone and ask him or her to issue an electronic prescription. Medicines must be ordered by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.  at  0918 918 199 (Cardiopharm Banská Bystrica). The pharmacy in cooperation with the city administration will ensure the delivery of the medicines to your home within 24 hours. If you are in quarantine, this information should not be withheld.

Operation of the  Municipal office

The Municipal Office (Československej armády 26) is closed to the public until further notice. Please, use telephone contacts or e-mail for the communication with the municipal staff. In urgent cases, you can also contact us by e-mail: or at  0918 505 212. Please, use the services of the  Slovak Post or an electronic mailbox to deliver the documents.

Telephone numbers: Information 048/4330 321; 048/4330 322.

Local Taxes and Fees: Counselling: 048/4330 222, Submissions related to local taxes and municipal waste fee to the Department of Taxes and Fees must be submitted via, via electronic mailbox or post, and not via e-mail.

Building office: contact (building permit proceedings) 048/4330 444.

Registry office and residence announcement:

Telephone numbers : 048/4330 720, 048/4330 721, 048/4330 722, 048/4330 723, 048/4330 724, 048/4330 725, 048/4330 726.

Application office:

Register office: Issuing of birth-, marriage- and death certificates from the register office are limited. Duplicates of these letters are currently not being  issued. Within 60 days of the child’s birth, doctors also treat the child on a mother’s  health insurance card. For this reason, there is no need to apply for the first copy of the birth certificate in the current emergency situation.

Kindergartens and elementary schools

Since Monday, 16 March 2020, the regulations of the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic have been in force. Primary schools, elementary schools, Leisure activities centres, kindergartens and the municipal nursery in the founding competence of the city of Banská Bystrica are closed until further notice.


The City of Banská Bystrica cancels all events organized or co-organized in Robotnícky dom, City hall on SNP Square 1, at the Municipal Office ČSA 26 or in the social services facilities under further notice.

Waste – single use face masks

Used single use masks or gloves do not belong to assorted waste. Place them into a plastic bag and throw it into the communal waste. IF YOU ARE  IN QUARANTINE, place the waste in a plastic garbage bag and tie it properly after each use. After filling, place the bag in another bag and keep the waste at home until the test results are known or for at least 72 hours. Only after 72 hours have elapsed or the negative results have been reported , place this waste bag in a waste container.

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS: Do not place a waste bags next to the containers so that workers are not exposed to handling with waste. Try to produce as little waste as possible and buy only the necessary items. Compress properly all the waste before throwing it away to reduce its volume. Postpone a spring cleaning for later.

Care of the multiple use clothing masks

Wash your hands thoroughly and put a mask securely on your face. Do not touch the mask or face while wearing it. Use a mask only until it is dampy or damaged. Always wash at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius. Dry it and then iron it thoroughly. The mask is thus again ready for use.



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